a meditation on ancient Indigenous pasts unfolding into unboundaried Black queer futures. transgressing the gendered, racialized and classed constraints of traditional british tailoring RUSH specifically traces how the labour of the Windrush Generation has been integral to shaping the nation today

this is a story of Caribbean movement; embodied, across borders, for liberation. traditional British and working class Caribbean aesthetics combined with nautical and military influences. connecting the dots. the conservatism of traditional british tailoring is transgressed with bold queer cuts.

seamlessly out of place, a zebra, seeking shelter, finds solidarity. a soldier marches in a transformed british red coat. Black Indigenous migrants are transported in reworked sacks of burlap. ancestral magic bursting through the colonial red cross. spells of hybridity.

tribal body art highlights the collective identity and survival of Black Indigeneity despite the red rope of bondage to empire. Carol’s Kitchen Towel, a memory of everyday rituals and belonging. out of one people, many

when White encounters Black it fades to Red